Best 20 Books About Addiction Recovery To Read In 2020

Best 20 Books About Addiction Recovery To Read In 2020

Oceanside alumni praise flexible treatment which includes care for underlying mental health conditions, staff who go the extra mile, luxury amenities, and activities such as surfing and horseback riding. “Their basic concept is ‘if you keep talking about how terrible things were in your drinking life, you won’t keep drinking.’ If women talk about how humiliated they were, they just get stuck. They can’t move forward into recovery. I didn’t know that there was a controversy regarding the validity of London’s experiences as recorded in this book. That being said, I think I was confused because the slow spiral into addiction London describes is incredibly plausible.

Terry achieved long-term sobriety at one time, and she helped many women. It made me realize the pain I would have brought to my parents if they had lost me. I too was a high-functioning professional with a drinking and cocaine addiction. My addiction always took me to new lows, and cost me many jobs over the years.

Outstanding Books About Addiction And Recovery

Finally, I asked Ms. Zailckas how she maintains her sobriety. Between therapy, the writing process, right speech and mindful breath, I have most of the coping skills I need. My biggest challenge is the eternal struggle to stay emotionally present, without being overwhelmed by traumatic memories and emotional triggers. John Griffith London was an American novelist, journalist, and social activist. A pioneer of commercial fiction and American magazines, he was one of the first American authors to become an international celebrity and earn a large fortune from writing. He was also an innovator in the genre that would later become known as science fiction.

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It is the new day that every drunk faces each time they quit again. At Port St. Lucie Hospital, we specialize in individualized, holistic therapies that address the whole person. Our programs extend beyond mental illness treatment to detox and dual diagnosis, which combines addiction treatment with mental health therapies.

The Best Binge Drinking Memoirs

Readers looking for sobriety books geared towards women will appreciate Caroline’s honest account. Using her relatable voice, which is equal parts honest and witty, Holly tackles the ways that alcohol companies target women. She also divulges the details on her emerging feminism, an alternate way out of her own addiction, and a calling to create a sober community with resources for anyone who is questioning their own relationship with alcohol. At the end of the day, this memoir is a groundbreaking look into our current drinking culture while providing a road map to cut alcohol out of our lives so that we can truly live our best lives. First, we know every story of substance use disorder is different. And second, we know you are not alone in your struggles. If you or a loved one needs treatment to get on the path to lasting sobriety, please reach out to us.

A strange legacy for a brilliant writer who would have been great with or without the help of John Barleycorn. So he always had money for drink, which at the time was much cheaper than it later became. And the alcohol took on a permanent and prominent role in his life as he rose from one success to another. He remained a “slave to drink” until he developed a morphine habit for the same reasons. Whether or not his death was a suicide isn’t known, but it’s quite certain that he died from a morphine overdose, either intentionally or unintentionally. A photograph of his gold-plated hypodermic syringe and “fixings” is included in at least one of his biographies.

alcohol memoirs

It’s a book that emphasizes the lack of discrimination in addiction by highlighting common addiction problems that occurred in people from all walks of life. In Amy Dresner’s memoir My Fair Junkie, she recounts her life from her idyllic childhood to her methamphetamine addiction. Dresner offers an honest and shameless account of her struggles with meth abuse and recovery. She writes about her admittance into a psychiatric hospital, financial struggles, and divorce.

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London denies that he is an alcoholic, disclaiming any innate physical craving for drink. Instead, he tells the story of how John Barleycorn seduces in a context of socialization. He doesn’t like the taste of liquor, wine, or beer, and for 20 years or so he only imbibed when invited by others. Drinking for him was mostly a manly affair, where tough hard-drinking men met in saloons, bought each other drinks, and drank each other under the table. He could go months without a drink and never crave a drop. Until one day in maturity he decided to have a drink alone, which lead to more drinking alone and earlier every day.

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The path is described impressively as the decline of a human being in a world characterized by tolerance and glorification of drunkenness. Are currently struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, you are not alone. Dove “Birdie” Randolph is doing her best to be a perfect daughter. She’s focusing on her schoolwork and is on track to finish high school at the addiction recovery books top of her class. But then she falls for Booker, and her aunt Charlene—who has been in and out of treatment for alcoholism for decades—moves into the apartment above her family’s hair salon. The Revolution of Birdie Randolph is a beautiful look at the effects of alcoholism on friends and family members in the touching way only Brandy Colbert can master.

Unwasted: My Lush Sobriety By Sacha Z Scoblic

The argument, that is his story, begins with his return home after casting an uncharacteristic vote in favor of woman’s suffrage, and concludes with his rational for voting in the fashion he did. And in between, we meet the characters of his life, many paying with their own lives, and following his clinic in reasoning, we see his cause in rational, and they are both an assailant and advocate of John Barleycorn.

alcohol memoirs

Predictably though, addiction eventually became part of her painful reality. Writing honestly about her secret dependency and time in rehab, Vargas helps those of us who deal with co-occurring disorders understand taking on both mental health and alcoholism—and how we cannot heal one without addressing the other.

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Reading is so much more than just a temporary distraction from the reality of your daily life. The books you choose can help you gain a new perspective on your own struggles or better understand what the people you care about are going through. Survival Math is an incredible look at race and class, gangs and guns, addiction and masculinity.

Work events, brunch, baby showers, book club, hair salons—the list of where to find booze is endless. Holly Whitaker, in her own path to recovery, discovered the insidious ways the alcohol industry targets women and the patriarchal methods of recovery.

  • The only other books I’ve read of Jack London’s was when I was a kid, “Call of the Wild” and “White Fang”.
  • He would die at 40 years old three years after this was published.
  • In her debut book, Ms. Goik initially presents the dubious image of the “functional alcoholic.” On the surface she has a job, friends, and a privileged background.
  • To ask other readers questions aboutJohn Barleycorn,please sign up.
  • Readers appreciated her ability to intertwine humor into her accounts of recovery.

Her memoir explores the progression of her addiction, from Xanax to cocaine, ecstasy, and prescription drug abuse. She recounts how she manipulated her doctors, lied to her loved ones, and her challenges with maintaining her career during active addiction. I read this book before I became a parent and was floored, but have thought about it even more since. It is the heartbreaking and astute account of Sheff’s experience of his son, Nic’s, addiction and eventual recovery. He viscerally paints the picture of the hope-tainted despair, anguish, and havoc that addiction wreaks on an entire family.

Dresner also shares her struggles with sex addiction and achieving sobriety again in her 40s. This is a great book for people who hit rock bottom in addiction. In her early 20s, writer Jamison started drinking daily to ease her chronic shyness and deal with the stress of getting her master’s degree at the Iowa Writers’ Workshop. Identifying with accomplished writers whose creativity seemed to thrive in a haze of intoxication, she fell further into the depths of alcoholism before hitting rock bottom. After failed attempts at sobriety, she found a combination of treatments—attending meetings, sharing her story and the 12-step AA program—that worked for her. Despite being published less than a year ago, Jamison’s memoir is a gritty and honest must-read.

Nobody in my real life could meet that need, so I turned—as I always do when I need comfort, encouragement, or inspiration—to books. This is the book for you if you’re looking for masterful prose. It is also the book for you if you consider faith to be a necessary piece for the puzzle that addiction recovery entails. This is a story of faith and love through the journey of recovery, more than just a tale from alcoholism to sobriety. Janelle Hanchett chronicles the story of embracing motherhood through the devastating separation from her children at the height of addiction.

Ballad Of A Sober Man: An Er Doctors Journey Of Recovery By J D Remy

London is always a great read for me, though this is a sad story. It reminded me of Kerouac’s detailed descent into alcoholic hell in Big Sur. Both guys lived their reputation and paid the price for glory in death.

Addiction Memoirs Are a Genre in Recovery – The New York Times

Addiction Memoirs Are a Genre in Recovery.

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From her first taste and throughout her young adult life, her increasing dependence on alcohol would lead to hospital trips, blackouts, and dangerous and destructive tendencies that eventually helped her see she should quit drinking for good. At the age of 15, Cat Marnell began to unknowingly “murder her life” when she became hooked on the ADHD medication prescribed to her by her psychiatrist father. A Xanax dependence led to cocaine, ecstasy, and a tumbling rabbit hole of prescription drug abuse as she manipulated doctors, lied to loved ones, and struggled to maintain her high-profile job at Condé Nast amidst the highs and lows of addiction.

If encountering that sort of material is likely to make it more difficult for you to stay the course in terms of your recovery, you may want to avoid these books and others like them. Her beautiful and fearlessly written memoir describes how painfully she fought against accepting this truth, and also the relief and struggles that sobriety brought her. Lit is the story of a woman who strips away the protective blanket of alcohol and then must come to terms with the Alcohol person she finds underneath. That person, Karr learned the hard way, was a depressed, anxious woman who had been self-medicating since she was a teenager. Add to this the challenges she faces in motherhood, and the story of Karr’s recovery only begins when she gets sober; a mental breakdown sends her to the hospital. Probably the least-known work of the Brontë sisters, by the least-known sister, Anne’s second and last novel was published to great success in 1848.

Dual diagnosis program, we address any addiction-related issues in tandem with mental health. This way, each disorder can be analyzed separately as well as together, and an understanding of their relationship can be determined. Dr. Kirkpatrick immersed herself in the writings of Emerson and Henry David Thoreau to stabilize her own life in sobriety, as well as creating the Women for Sobriety Program. She completed her long-neglected dissertation once sober, and went on to devote the remainder of her life to championing the needs of alcoholic women. Though it was little hard for me to read it, I’m glad I did. Jack London’s view of alcohol and addiction is refreshing and interesting, esspecialy when you live in country, where drinking is the order of the day.

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