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The recent unveiling of the 2021 budget amidst the Covid-19 pandemic saw the introduction of a controversial policy aimed at assisting financial hardships faced by affected Malaysians.

EPF Withdrawal: Is This the Right Course of Action?

30 January 2021

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This is the final set in the series of studies exploring and assessing the digital readiness, awareness and literacy of rural communities. Previous studies looked at rural communities near Kuching, Serian, Samarahan, Sarikei, Mukah and Sibu, while this one will examine those around Bintulu, Miri and Limbang. This study will utilise the same mixed methods approach that was used in the first two studies. Approximately 900 respondents are targeted for this particular study. Once again, local Pusat Internet Malaysia (PIM) will be used as a reference point. For this purpose, 16 PIMs scattered around Bintulu, Miri and Limbang will be used.



SDI Brown Bag Talk – WWF-Malaysia’s Conservation Projects in the Heart of Borneo

By Dr. Henry Chan, Conservation Director, WWF-Malaysia

12 November 2020
This presentation highlighted WWF-Malaysia’s numerous conservation projects in Sabah and Sarawak (especially in the Heart of Borneo area) specifically in Ba’ Kelalan, Long Semadoh, Baleh National Park, Song-Katibas, and Batang Ai as well as the organised efforts based on their three pillars of Protect, Produce, and Restore.

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