List of Publications

Vol.9, June 2009

Table of Contents

Published Date: December 2009


River Restoration for Inland Waterways Transportation System

By Ab Saman Abd Kader


Flood napping; An Introduction and A Strategy for Sarawak

By Hii Ching Poon, Frederik Joseph Putuhena and Salim Said


Understanding and Pleasuring Tourist Satisfaction for Urban Tourism Marketing

By Voon Boo Ho and Lew Tek Yew


 Tourist Arrival and Economic Growth in Sarawak

By Evan Lau, Sing-Sing Hu and Swee-Ling Oh


Estimation of the Total Factor Productivity (TFF) Growth: Case Study of Food-related Manufacturing Sector in Sarawak

By Fumitaka Furuoka


Understanding the English Language Errors of the Sarawakian Malay Speakers

By Shanti Nadarajan and Amalina Johari


Central Bank Independence: Dependence or Independence?

By Adriel Sim


Municipal Solid Waste Management in Malaysia: Solution for Sustainable Waste Management

By Saini Sakawi   

Vol.8, June 2007

Table of Contents

Published Date: November 2007


An Introduction to Climate Change, Kyoto Protocol and Clean Development Mechanism
By Chow Kok Kee


Opportunities and Challenges of the Forestry Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) for the Timber Industry in Malaysia
By H. Norini, M.A. Abdul Razak, E. Phillips and M. Samsudin


International Best Practices of Water Demand Management
By Mah, D.Y.S., Putuhena, F .J. and Said, S.


Economic Development and Public Expenditure in Sarawak : An Econometric Testing of Wagner’s Law
By Fumitaka Furuoka


Work-Life Balance: An Introduction
By Zaiton Hassan and Maureen Dollard


Empowering Customer-Contact Service Employees for Quality Service: Understanding a Psychological Measure and Its Antecedents
By Kuan Siaw Vui and Voon Boo Ho


Tourists’ Perception of Miri City as a New Tourist Destination in Malaysia
By Lew Tek Yew

Vol. 7 No. 2, June 2006

Table of Contents

Published Date: December 2006 


Economic Development and International Trade: A Case Study of Sarawak

By Fumitaka Furuoka


Towards a Market-Oriented Manufacturing Firm: A Strategic Approach using Soft System Methodology

By Voon Boo Ho


Globalisation in Rural East Malaysia: Responses and Challenges

By Jayum A. Jawan and Arnold Puyok


Post EIA Monitoring and Auditing – The Roles of Consultant, Project Proponent and the Environmental Agency

By Murtedza Mohamed


Managing Rivers as Transportation Mode in South East Asian Region: Prospect for Technology Transfer and Capacity Building

By Ab Saman Abd Kader


Educating and Involving Riverine Communities in Environmental Sustainability

By Muhamad Yakuub Kari


Sustainable Housing and Sustainable Urban Communities

By Bruce S Ramsay


Toilet Design and Technology

By Hasan Hamzah and Hooi Yoke Meng


Adoption of Deep Learning Approaches by Students Pursuing Higher Education In Sarawak: A Case Study of Curtin University Sarawak Campus

By Lew Tek Yew

Vol. 7 No. 1, June 2005

Table of Contents

Published Date: December 2005


The Implementation of Environmental Auditing for Efficient Waste Management Systems in Malaysia

By Zaini Sakawi


Economic Development and Population Growth: A Case Study of Sarawak

By Fumitaka Furwka


Malaysian Consumers’ Evaluation of Fictitious Brand Extensions

By Ernest Cyril


Iban City Dwellers and Rural Property

By Ryoji Soda


Exploring the Extent of Transformational Leadership in the Context of Miri Entrepreneurs

By Lew Tek Yew


Project Risk Management

By Clive Winter


Life Cycle of Assets & Strategic Asset Management

By K C Leong


Water as an Asset in the Industry: Cleaner Technology as Cost Saving Strategies

By Lu Sim Hoay


Mindset and Culture

By Shukri Ibrahim

Vol. 6 No. 2, December 2003

Table of Contents

Published Date: December 2003


Globalization and Liberalization of Trade on Malaysian Economy: The SWOT Analysis Perspective
By Fathan Soetrisno


Economic Development and Population Growth: A Case Study of Sarawak
By Fumitaka Furuoka


Traditional Use, Potential for Exploitation and Conservation of Medicinal Plants in Malaysia
By Abdul A. Latiff


Application of Biotechnology to Propagate Value Added Herbs
By Koshy Philip


Global vs. Local: The Impact of Globalization on Traditional Cultures
By Leonardo D’Amico


Creative Dialogue between the Global and the Local: Formulating New Identities through ‘World Music’ in Malaysia

By Tan Sooi Beng


Winds of the Jungle: A Socio-Historical Perspective of the Orang Ulu Jew’s Harp, Nose-Flute and Keluri

By Jayl Langub & Henry C. Belawing


Dance-Songs from Upriver Longhouses Adapted for the Urban Audience and the Modern Classroom
By Chong Pek Lin

Vol. 5 No. 2, December 2002

Table of Contents

Published Date: December 2002


Motivational Inclinations Toward School Academic Performance: Location, Ethnicity And Gender
By: Bing Hiong Ngu, NoorShah Mohd Salleh, Abang Ahmad Ridzuan, Mohd Razali Othman, and Alexander Seeshing Yeung


Rights and Socio-Economic Empowerment of the Disable
By: Mohd Hamdan Adnan


Customer Service In Sarawak: An Exploratory Study of Its Antecedents
By: Ernest Cyril De Run


Impact of Transboundary Haze on Human Health
By: Dr. Jamilah Hashim, Dr. Andrew Kiyu and Dr. Yao Sik Chi


Environmental Management of Rivers in Sarawak: Clean Rivers and River Restoration Initiative
By: Lau Seng


Public Participation in the Management of Our Rivers
By: Chong Ted Tsiung and Ten Wuan Ping


Aquaculture and Water Quality
By: Stephen Sungan

Vol. 4 No. 2, December 2001

Table of Contents

Published Date: December 2001


Asset Management in the Context of Sustainable Urban Development in Meeting the Challenges of Local Agenda 21
By: Supian Ahmad and Ho Chin Siong


State Performance and Urban Sustainability through Strategic Asset Management

By: Penny Burns


Developments on Design and Construction
By: Bruce Ramsay


Perancangan Pembagunan Daerah yang Mampan 
By: Abdul Hadi Harman Shah dan Junaenah Sulehan


Exploring Ways to Develop and Effective Succession for Managers in a Public Sector Organisation throught Action Research
By: Peter Songan & Malcolm Yong


Cross Border Migration in Asia: From Approaches to Country-Cases
By: Moha Asri Abdullah


Industrialization in Sarawak with Special Emphasis on the Performance of the Manufacturing Sector
By: Annie Wong Muk Ngiik

Vol. 4 No. 1, June 2001

Table of Contents

Published Date: June 2001


Policy Analysis of Environmental Quality Management in Sarawak
By: James Dawos Mamit


Waste Management Audit for Integrated Municipal Solid Waste Management in Malaysia

By: Zaini Sarkawi


The Evaluation Of The Current System Of Waste Management And The Strategies To Achieve Socially Desirable Outcomes
By: Mei Lim


Coping With Pepper Price Slump: The Production Modifying Strategies and Implications For Development Programs

By: Jegak Uli and Raja Ahmad Tajudin Shah


Human Resource Development Practices in Small and Medium Scale Manufacturing Industries in Sarawak: Present Status and Trends 
By: Leniiw Roman, Peter Songan & Zaiton Hassan


Pembangunan Pelancongan di Langkawi: Kes Kajian Persepsi Penduduk Setempat
By: Moha Asri Hj Abdullah & Mohd Isa Hj Bakar


Waste Management Audit For Integrated Municipal Solid Waste Management In Malaysia
By: Zaini Sakawi

Sarawak 5th Cultural Symposium

A compilation of Speeches/Resolutions, Recommendations and Achievements from
1998 to 2009

Sarawak 7th Cultural Symposium
2018 Managing Culture in the Digital Age

The Sarawak Approach to Environmental Conservation
August 2006

Wallace in Sarawak – 150 Years Later Jointly Organized with Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS)

Integrated Peatland Management for Sustainable Development
December 2003

International Conference on Organic Farming for Sustainable Development Jointly Organized with Sarawak Economic Development Corporation (SEDC) and Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industries Sarawak
August 2002

International Terubok Conference Jointly Organized with Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) Australia
November 2001

Integrated Coastal Zone Management
April 2001

Urban Planning and Development Issues
June 2000

Seminar on Integration of Ruminants with Tree Crops Jointly Organized with Department of Agriculture Sarawak
November 1999

Proceedings of Planted Forests in Sarawak
Jointly Organized with Forest Department Sarawak and Sarawak Timber Association
February 1998

Culture and Environment: Development Strategies for the Future Jointly Organized with Sarawak Museum and Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
October 1996