Cultural Resource Mapping (CRM): Exploratory Project in Kuching Division

The CRM is currently at its software development stage by the University of Technology Sarawak team under the leadership of Associate Professor Dr. Tariq Zaman from ASSET. As part of the development process, two focus group sessions were conducted with heritage experts and regular users to provide feedback on a prototype of the Crowd-sourced Heritage Automation Mapping Platform for Sarawak (CHAMPS) digital platform, and to investigate and incorporate various grassroots values into CHAMPS. Other areas such as design cues, interface elements, and graphical design were also discussed. The next phase of the project would entail appointment of Heritage Experts as well as marketing and promoting the project in preparation for public input.

Master Plan for Community Development in the Resettlement Areas 2050

The project is commissioned by the Economic Planning Unit, Sarawak and led by Chemsain Konsultant Sdn. Bhd. Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS) and SDI are part of the research consultant team. SDI’s role and tasks will cover the socio-economic demography of the resettled population, the impact of the resettlement and provide inputs for future actions, focussing specifically on the resettlement in Batang Ai and Bengoh resettlement areas. UNIMAS will focus on the Bakun and Murum resettlement areas. The study will provide a detailed analysis and examination of the resettlements that have been undertaken in Sarawak and the lessons learned will be incorporated into a proposed new resettlement model. The study is expected to be completed in 12 calendar months. To date, the project has completed its inception and first interim reports stages.

Sarawak’s Civil Service and its Role in Nation Building: Reflections and Reminiscences of Sarawak Civil Servants

The book project aims to collect the experiences and reflections of 30 senior Sarawak civil servants, as well as explore the various milestones and transformation of the Sarawak civil service covering the different eras of history, starting from the Brooke era till the formation of Malaysia. Undertaken by Faradale Media-M Sdn. Bhd., it is currently at the interview and writing phase, with detailed interviews being done with the targeted interviewees. The project is estimated to be completed in June 2023.