Buku Panduan Ketua Kaum Negeri (Sarawak Guidebook for Sarawak Headmen)

The Buku Panduan Ketua Kaum Negeri Sarawak is a project to equip Headmen in Sarawak with relevant and updated information to help them carry out their roles and functions. This project is in collaboration with the General Administration Unit of the Department of the Premier of Sarawak.

The guidebooks have been printed in December 2022 and the distribution is handled by the General Administration Unit to all Headmen in Sarawak. Kindly contact Mr. Ralph Balan, Communication Officer, for more information on the guidebook. An online version of the guidebook will be made available in the near future.

PCDS 2030 Communication Plan

The Institute has prepared and submitted a proposal for a communication plan for the Post-Covid19 Development Strategy (PCDS) 2030 to the State Secretary’s Office. The goal of the communication plan is to enhance awareness and understanding of PCDS 2030 among stakeholders namely the Sarawak Civil Service (especially implementing agencies), private sector, specific community groups or associations, and the grassroots community. Ultimately, the goal is adoption of the initiatives by the targeted stakeholders. This undertaking is to support the Economic Planning Unit (EPU), Sarawak in the existing structure of communication for PCDS 2030