Smart Farming in Sarawak: Basic Challenges

 23rd November 2021

Under the economic sector of the Sarawak Digital Economy Strategy (2018-2022), adoption of ICT and digital technologies in transforming and driving innovation in the agricultural sector was greatly emphasized. Examples of smart farming initiatives are the usage of technologies like Internet of Things (IoT), robotics, drones, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to boost the quantity and quality of products, while optimizing the human labor required by production. This approach is in line with the Post Covid-19 Development Strategy (PCDS) for agriculture to capitalize on modern aka smart farming as a way to accelerate productivity and growth.

Baseline Study on Sago Production and Its Downstream Activities in Betong and Mukah Divisions


The main aim of the study is to compile and create baseline data on sago production activities (including both upstream and downstream activities where available) in the Mukah and Betong Divisions. Mukah and recently Betong, are recognized as the main sago production divisions in Sarawak. Among the specific objectives of the study are to determine the domestic production of sago starch, domestic consumption of sago starch, and the domestic market for sago starch as well as its processed end-products.

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