Online Learning

 11th October 2021

Like most other sectors, and many other countries, Covid-19 has exposed the inequalities underlying internet access in this country particularly in Sarawak and has affected schooling activities tremendously. Not only do rural students and urban students found themselves on the opposite sides of the digital divide, the gap also exists among urban students of different economic backgrounds. The authorities have been hyping on online lectures as a viable substitute but the unequal and intermittent access has meant the experience is vastly different depending on location and household income.

Baseline Study on Sago Production and Its Downstream Activities in Betong and Mukah Divisions


The main aim of the study is to compile and create baseline data on sago production activities (including both upstream and downstream activities where available) in the Mukah and Betong Divisions. Mukah and recently Betong, are recognized as the main sago production divisions in Sarawak. Among the specific objectives of the study are to determine the domestic production of sago starch, domestic consumption of sago starch, and the domestic market for sago starch as well as its processed end-products.

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